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SUPREME 18FW TNF Jacket Item NO.: 1111

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Product Name SUPREME 18FW TNF Jacket
Item NO. 1111
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category cloth > tshirt
Creation Time 2020-10-08

Supreme 18fw TNF jacket

The TNF co branded Series in 2019 are not very good-looking, and there is nothing brilliant about it, so we didn't make it out. Instead, we made up the order for this series again. Before the Spring Festival in autumn and winter of 18, the first batch of UNHS was shipped in the whole network, and the first batch of stormsuits was 1500 pieces of fleece, and 2000 pieces of fleece were basically sold out during the Spring Festival. It was my family that really passed the quality standard and had the best effect in actual use, Because every detail of the storm suit and fleece is real material, especially the fabric and details of the storm suit and polar fleece. The details of other home's stormy clothing are in a mess, and the version is not correct. The fabric of polar fleece in other families is not rocking grain, all is velvet. You can see which one is the highest quality.

This joint brand, itself is a product of brand piling up, the single cost is even higher than down jacket!
Sup + TNF + Cordura + Gore-Tex
Cordura and Gore-Tex are professional brands specializing in outdoor fabrics.

Friends who have a little research must have heard of it. Cordura I used to use a lot. The supreme main line bags developed in the past are all made of authentic Cordura fabric. The fabric is durable, tear resistant and has a good quality!

Gore-Tex is a very top outdoor fabric.
Generally, only those outdoor brands willing to pay a high price will use a kind of fabric. Its inner lining, waterproof, windproof and air permeability and moisture permeability are the benchmark in the industry!

As I said earlier, the cost of a single piece of this stormsuit is much higher than that of a down jacket. One is that the fabrics of DuPont and gore are very expensive. The cost of fabric for a garment is hundreds of yuan. Moreover, the tedious workmanship of clothes. There are more than ten YKK chains and 100 yuan of zipper cost. There are more than ten bags, and there are 100 small details to tie and tie dates. My friend asked about the processing fee of a mountain Parka version of the original TNF factory. The processing fee is about 150 yuan.

And this one, UNHS is for the OEM that usually helps to make outdoor stormsuit. The processing fee is about 180 yuan, which is more expensive than the original TNF factory processing fee! Because this style is too complicated and other reasons

There is also a very compelling detail is the inner inch of this stormsuit. This time, the logo of TNF and sup has been added to the inner inch of the jacket. Although this detail doesn't matter, it is actually very technical!

99% of the normal heat transfer printing is white fabric directly transferred to other colors.

This is the gray fabric directly transfer printed into black, the logo part of all the empty background color, directly exposed logo, logo parts do not fill color, directly empty, but the risk of this process is relatively high, dark transfer printing dark color will be easy to paste, so be sure to use the specified Italian imported ink, transfer printing special paper of South Korea.

It's not bragging, it's really doing it!

To sum up, UNHS's goods are just a few points!

1: Genuine nylon grid fabric of Gore-Tex and Cordura is adopted under the fabric, which is waterproof, moisture permeable and breathable with three layers. The water pressure index of the clothing body is higher than the national standard of 10000, and the moisture permeability and air permeability are higher than that of the national standard 10000.

2: The accessories are YKK zipper imported from Japan, heat sealing tape, brim, sleeve loop and other parts, and the hard film is still made of American Bemis imported materials.

3: Any sewing part in the whole garment is covered by holographic seamless heat sealing and pressing technology. There are many embroidery and sewing parts in this garment, so there are many places that need heat sealing glue on the reverse side. A piece of clothing needs to use more than ten meters of light and heat sealing glue. This is to effectively ensure the high-efficiency waterproof and wind resistance performance of the ready-made clothes, and the water pressure index at the seam joint is also reached 5000, which is basically the specification exported to Japan. After receiving the material object, you can feel the seam position and drum position of the clothes, and you will feel the texture of the pressed glue, and the part of the seam that has been pressed will be a little stiff.

4: Genuine YKK zipper. There are more than ten zippers in the whole dress, which makes you cry!

5: The tags are complete, and all four tags for a garment are complete.

6: The new version of the original color anti-counterfeiting laser label without coding is still complete, and the genuine laser label can be identified at will!

UNHS this stormy clothing, you will be shocked and surprised to receive the physical object!

The following is the actual shooting details and upper body drawing:

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